How Wunderbar: AudienceScience Acquires wunderloop


skipping_smallADOTAS – Crack out the schnitzel and fill up the steins with hefewiezen — AudienceScience has signed an agreement to acquire one of its largest European competitors, Hamburg, Germany-based wunderloop.

It’s big step into Europe for the targeting tech company, and a trophy purchase as Wunderloop was the first German company to qualify for “EuroPriSe,” the European privacy seal for IT products and services. As Google has learned in particular, no one is quite as serious about user data privacy as the Germans.

“We are excited about the prospect of enhancing The Audience Gateway platform and strengthening our European presence with wunderloop’s exceptional team and technology,” gushed AudienceScience CEO Jeff Hirsch in a release.

AudienceScience appears to be growing globally at a clip — back in May it scooped up Hispanic ad network Consorte.


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