Go Organic With Your Virtual Goods


farmvilleADOTAS – For those that demand food free of synthetic material all the time, even for use in social gaming, like Zynga’s addictive crop-tendin’ simulation FarmVille, Cascadian Farms gets you. From July 19 to 26, the most profitable crop available to FarmVille players will be branded Cascadian Farms organic blueberries.

Completely organic, completely virtual.

Apparently Cascadian — a brand owned by Small Planet Foods, which was acquired by General Mills in 1999 — is the first brand to insert itself into FarmVille’s in-game experience. In addition, Cascadian will also offer coupons and green-living tips for offline living.

Also Cascadian and Zynga have created a FarmVille avatar named Farmer Joe Cascadian, inspired by the real farmers that tend the crops on Cascadian’s 28-acre farm in Washington state’s Upper Skagit Valley by the North Cascades Mountains. Players can be his neighbor by friending him through Facebook or within FarmVille, but male users are sternly warned to stay away from his daughter, no matter how gorgeous and flirtatious she may be.

What’s next? John Deere virtual hybrid tractors? Omaha Steaks free-range, grass-fed cows and Perdue cageless chickens? Actually, I’m kind of surprised those don’t already exist. Get your people to call my people.


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