Glam Buys AdPortal & Sportsgenic; IPO Imminent?


networkADOTAS – In what’s possibly preparation for an IPO, last week female-focused vertical ad network Glam Media purchased male-focused sports ad network Sportsgenic and its fully funded startup spinoff AdPortal.

Peter Kafka of All Things Digital quotes the price tag as between $12 million and $15 million, including earnout provisions. Sportsgenic, which claims a reach of 35 million uniques, will be integrated into Glam’s property by way of the new vertical BrashSports.

But according to sources, the gem here is AdPortal, which makes advertising solutions for publishers. Integrated into the recently launched GlamAdapt platfor, AdPortal will power the fully automated platform GlamAdapt for Publishers, allowing those on the supply side to integrate multiple demand channels.

Through GlamAdapt’s “Advertising Apps Platform,” the publisher platform is able to support third-party data, measurement and creative providers. In addition, AdPortal founder and CEO Robert Tas, who also served as senior vice president of media and technology at 24/7, is coming aboard as the senior vice president of the GlamAdapt platform.

Glam reports that its GlamAdapt ad-serving platform s now delivering 100% of the network’s premium business. More than 1,500 publishers and 500 brands have run 1,000 campaigns since the platform’s launch in June.

Fully loaded advertiser and publisher platforms puts Glam in a sweet spot for an IPO. The network, which consists of numerous owned and operated sites as well as 1,400 publishers, claims a monthly reach of 85 million uniques in the U.S. and 164 million globally. In February, Glam broke the $200 million mark of funding with $50 million raised in a Series E round led by Aeris Capital.

But the IPO whispers got rolling in May when Glam brought on former Microsoft “deal guy” Bruce Jaffe, who was a key player in the acquisition of aQuantative in 2007. Surely the integration of AdPortal will raise those whispers to chattering.


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