DoubleClick Lays Down Display Benchmarks


google_recruiting_small.jpgADOTAS – As Google takes aim to conquer the display market — and possibly the entire media spectrum, MWAH HA HA! — DoubleClick has just released its benchmark figures for last year. Turns out 2009 was… Well, a lot like 2008.

Overall CTR for 2009 stood at 0.1%, which was the same as 2008. January witnessed CTR above 0.12% and February was 0.11%, but the rate was consistent month-to-month at around 0.09%. The average click-through for static ads was 0.1%, one-hundredth of a percentage point above Flash ads.

In the U.S. on DoubleClick for Advertisers (DFA), Flash ads made up 70% of all ads served, while that number was 85% in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Apparently they like their ads to move move move on the other side of the Atlantic — while 20% of DFA’s U.S. ads were static, the same could only be said about 10% in EMEA. In the U.S., rich media in-page adds made up 5%, and rich media expanding and in-page video accounted for 2% each.

Overall, interaction rate was 2.5%, an increase from 2008, while average interaction time slipped to nine seconds, which was less than the year prior. Interestingly, these numbers and CTR didn’t change when examining rich media alone, while video completion rate stood at 50%. At 0.11%, in-page rich media (with and without video) had a one-hundredth of a percentage margin over expanding.

By vertical, auto ads ruled them all with Flash and rich media CTR both at 0.15% and static CTR at 0.14%.



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