Case Study: Greystripe Drives Buick Engagement


buick_smallADOTAS – Standing out against the competition in the advertising world can seem like a daunting task for brands. A new study by comScore of a Buick LaCrosse mobile advertising campaign using Greystripe’s Immersion Ads, showed that these interactive ads are memorable, engaging and highly effective.

To help brands engage their target audience, Greystripe offers its Immersion Ads on smartphones and the iPad in both full-screen interstitial and expandable banner formats. These custom interactive ads are like a branded application, creating a user-driven rich media ad experience by utilizing touch, accelerometer, multiple click options, video and audio. Buick chose a smartphone, full-screen Immersion Ad campaign for its LaCrosse model.

comScore examined the effectiveness of Buick LaCrosse’s Immersion Ad campaign on Greystripe’s leading independent mobile advertising network and found that these iAd-like advertisements resulted in higher brand awareness, intent to buy and intent to recommend. Compared with the control group, Buick saw a 21% lift in brand awareness and a 35% lift in purchase intent.

The mobile ad, which featured an interactive advergame modeled after the popular ‘80s “Simon” game, asked users to repeat a sequence of four flashing colors, represented by the four tires of the Buick LaCrosse. The advertisement highlighted the vehicle’s Stabilitrak system that “transfers power to the wheels that need it.”

Because the game was not only interactive, but also entertaining, users engaged with the ad for an extended period of time. The average interaction time with the ad was 28 seconds per user and those users that engaged with the actual Simon-like advergame spent an impressive 2 minutes 42 seconds interacting with the ad on average.

These full-screen Immersion Ads have also proven more effective than banner ads on mobile devices. The iAd-like advertisements are performing eight to twelve times better, based on click-through rates. On average, mobile banner ads achieve between a 0.25% and 0.5% click-through rate, compared to the Buick Immersion Ad, which had a 3.9% CTR.

Buick’s Immersion Ad also outperformed static full-screen ads running on the Greystripe network over the past twelve months by almost four times. On average, full-screen static ads achieved a 1.02% CTR.

Buick is not the only brand that has achieved success with Greystripe’s Immersion Ads: Axe and Burger King saw similar results.

Axe’s Immersion Ad campaign — the Dirty Night Detailer — was aimed at males ages 18 to 34. A custom Immersion Ad had players determine how much they needed to clean up after a particular night. The study of the campaign, also by comScore, found a 60% lift in purchase intent.

Following interaction with the Dirty Night Detailer, 1.77% of users clicked to watch an Axe video. Average interaction time with the ad was 37 seconds and 87% of users reported enjoying the ad.

Burger King’s Immersion Ad campaign also had high levels of participation and achieved an increase in purchase intent. Of those who were presented the ad, 13.9% chose to interact with the custom advergame. Users spent an average of 16 seconds engaging with the ad and 85% enjoyed the Immersion Ad experience.

The objective of the advertisement was to raise awareness of Burger King’s FLAME body spray perfume. The ad saw a 55% lift in awareness of the spray. In addition to boosting consumer awareness, the interactive Immersion ads saw an 88% lift in intent to buy the product and a 40% lift in likelihood to recommend the perfume.

According to a report by JiWire, 52% of smartphone users have acted on an advertisement in an app and 18% have made a purchase directly from an ad in an app in the last month Greystripe’s Immersion Ads have proven to be one of the most effective way for brands to engage this audience and achieve results.

Because of the success of its rich media campaigns, Greystripe has sold out of mobile inventory for the third consecutive month despite doubling its advertising inventory during the same period. This high demand is driven by both new brands entering mobile advertising and repeat buys from existing advertisers, including Buick who has already begun working on a campaign for the Regal.


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