Automating Audience Management With Aggregate Knowledge


mainstream_smallADOTAS – Data, data — you want data? We got first-party data, we got third-party data, website, conversion data, click data — from all and every source, coming out of every creak, crevice, cranny… Now what are you going to do with it?

Well, pure-play data management and ad optimization platform Aggregate Knowledge suggests you take advantage of its newly launched AK Discovery Platform, a multichannel solution with an audience management infrastructure for collecting data, configure audiences and track campaigns.

In effect, it automates all that icky data analysis and audience composition to allow media buyers to focus on strategy and media. Clients can easily manage and track data, audience and campaigns through the unified interface. In addition offers dynamic ad serving, enabling advertisers to rotate between thousands of creative variations

“For some strange reason, the ad serving logs, data reporting, creative performance, and user level data are still fragmented,” said Aggregate Knowledge CEO David Jakubowski. “We built AK Discovery to eliminate the friction among these sources. The value of each piece of information grows exponentially with the ability to compare and contrast with the others. Until now, the industry has relied on inherently conflicted parties to measure their own performance.”


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