AOL Advertising Turns Targeting Political


target_small.jpgADOTAS – Midterm elections are months away but political junkies have been glued to their screens during a primary season that was supposed to be tumultuous (it really wasn’t). It’s time for incumbents and aspiring congresspeople alike to hunker down for the big push — and with its new AOL Advertising Politics hub, AOL aims to be the top source for political display targeting.

The politically minded portal lays out different strategies based on an array of objectives — from fundraising and campaign awareness to get out the vote and issue advocacy. Specific targeting techniques are detailed for each goal, including geo-targeting, audience building, contextual targeting and retargeting. In addition, performance advertising is available through

AOL Advertising has also opened it’s more-than-self-serve platform Ad Desk for politics, including a comprehensive “how-to” guide for political targeting and congressional district targeting. AOL claims that a campaign can get rolling in just three steps. In addition, the company has opened Display University, a beginner’s tutorial for creating display campaigns or improving existing ones.

AOL Advertising has expanded its Political and Issue Advocacy team to seven fully dedicated members, including the recently appointed director Rena Shapiro, who created Google’s political advertising team in 2007.

“AOL has positioned itself to be the go-to resource for political marketers needing to reach their constituencies through our ability to reach target audiences at scale with our comprehensive set of innovative, highly-targeted products,” said Jeff Levick, President, AOL Global Advertising and Strategy. “Our Politics hub lets campaigns and issue advocacy groups take their messages directly to voters and key influencers in a proactive way through display advertising, and we make the on-boarding process something that is simple, easy and intuitive.”


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