Adometry Slaps Some Integrity Into Your Inventory


thumbs_small.jpgADOTAS – How many times have you taken a gander across your network only to realize that — gasp — your inventory hasn’t been properly vetted? Who knows what salacious materials lurk in the nooks and crannies? Well you can kiss those fears goodbye with the arrival of Adometry’s Network Integrity Program.

Designed to assist networks and exchanges adhere to the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s recently released Network and Exchange Quality Guidelines — which require those parties to vet their inventory in terms of maturity rating, non-standard and illegal at the beginning of and during each quarter — Adometry’s tool allows for networks and exchanges to ensure the quality of their inventory without draining core resources.

Adometry also aids clients in the paperwork process for IAB certification, while increasing transparency regarding ad placement and reports with tracking IDs that help locate problematic inventory.


  1. Do they work weekends? I have read of situations where publishers on medium-sized networks caught advertisers suddenly inserting sleazy creatives, including malware, on Friday evening, and stopping by Monday morning.

    The other side of the coin could be a publisher who suddenly redirects a high-traffic pr0n site to a vetted mainstream site, to pump up the latter’s page views. A spammer could do this, by sending false promises, with a link to a vetted mainstream site. Just to get the traffic.

    Are they fully sleaze-proof? Are they sure?

    Fraud, in any area of commerce, is an eternal arms race.


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