Zoove Seeing StarStars in Mobile Dialing Codes


mobiletv.jpgADOTAS – I’m kind of excited about the launch Zoove’s StarStar branded mobile dial code solution, which the company sells as “intelligent phone numbers.” Finally I can use the line, “Even my phone number is smarter than you,” and chances are it will be true. ZING!

By signing up through Zoove’s just-introduced National Mobile Dial Code Registry, brands, advertisers and agencies can reserve two- to 12-character mobile dial codes and then develop direct-response marketing programs on the the company’s platform. Consumers dial ** before the brand code to opt in to marketing offers and promotions via apps, SMS, websites and voice through call centers or interactive voice response.

Zoove, which has been innovating mobile dialing codes since 2004 for direct response marketing, announced that the codes are now available on all major U.S. mobile carriers. In addition, the platform is self-service, allowing advertisers to easily modify their campaigns on the fly.


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