Yahoo Takes Mobile Advertising to the Green Line


yahoo_smallADOTAS – Facebook may have stolen the prize for most impressions delivered during the first quarter, but Yahoo still brought in more display revenue through 131 billion impressions, which is nothing to sneeze at. It’s regarded as the go-to network for display, despite Google’s frequent pokes into the field and acquisition frenzy

But Yahoo isn’t sitting pretty on its mantle — it’s turned its focus to the mobile space. Respected for its skill in partnering with agencies and brands to develop engaging display creative, Yahoo has most recently set up Fidelity Investments with a campaign running across Yahoo Mobile Finance, News and Mail that brings the financial firms’ “Green Line” theme to life.

Developed internally by Yahoo and employing HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript for animation, interaction and analytics, the Green Line slips across the screen, but is anchored by a fixed banner. When the orientation is switched from portrait to landscape, another animation draws attention to the banner.

As Yahoo further establishes itself as the starting portal for online with the integration of Facebook, it would appear Yahoo is also making inroads in mobile as well.


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