Welcome Aboard: Industry Hirings and Promotions


bossADOTAS – You know, Lars Bastholm was doing such a bang-up job as Olgivy & Mather’s chief digital creative officer for Northern America that they handed him the additional role of chief creative officer O&M New York. That’s good stuff, buddy, after all, this is the concrete jungle where dreams are made up, there’s nothing you can’t do. Now that you’re in New York, I bet you’ll feel brand new and big lights will inspire you. Let’s hear it for New York! New York! NEW YORK!

Whoa, got a little carried away with my big pimpin’ of New York there. O&M’s got some more personnel shifts: Lauren Crampsie is giving up that director of business development deck for the prestige of the chief marketing officer for O&M North America. And what about Dan Burrier? He’s making the switch from chief creative officer of O&M West to chief innovation officer.

Over at Truviso, the company’s brought on a few more souls to buoy its analytics expertise. Christopher Reid, formerly the sales team leader of Visual Sciences, is bringing 20 years of software sales and sales management experience to his new role as vice president. Former President and cofounder of WebForensics Shaun Lowery is throwing all his 15 years in sales and leadership into the position of director of business development. Finally, after supervising the sales engineers at Unica, Curt Brown comes to Truviso as director of systems engineering.


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