Mobile Spinach Unveils Discounts of a Lifetime


mobiledeals_small.jpgADOTAS – So you’re at the checkout counter for the grocery store with a giant bag of potato chips — hey, it’s summer/barbecue time — and a 50%-off coupon entitling you to half of those artery-clogging munchems for free. When you pass the clerk your coupon, he scans it, then hands it back to you, saying, “Why don’t you use it again next time?”

Sound too good to be true? Well, mobile couponer Mobile Spinach doesn’t think so as it has introduced “Discount for Life” coupons to build customer loyalty. What’s a better way to do that than offer coupons that don’t expire and can be used again and again?

Okay, coupons can only be used once daily, but that seems fair enough. In addition, only the first 100 people to respond to the coupon will get the lifetime discount, and those chosen few will find out their prize when they redeem the coupon.

But it’s still pretty sweet deal, and it’s rather alluring on the merchant side as Mobile Spinach also announced that it’s operating nationwide, which means any mom’n’pop operation can take advantage of its mobile couponing for as little as $200. That includes the Discount for Life program, which can be limited to a year or a half-year (does that mean you wish your customers have short lives?).


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