Jumptap Goes Holistic With Mobile Video


networkADOTAS – They got search, display rich media, in-app advertising and now video — who could ask for anything more?

Jumptap has rounded itself out as a holistic mobile ad network with the addition of mobile video, with offerings such as click-to-video, video interstitials (running before an app loads or between content sections) as well as the rolls: pre, mid and post. In addition to offering a Opens the door for publishers with mobile video assets to monetize them.

In addition to fulfilling the network’s potential as a one-stop shop, CMO Paran Johar says the mobile video offering fits in with JumpTap’s recently introduced Consumer Intelligence, which allows consumers to opt in to more relevant mobile advertising via creating a profile with 25 categorical preferences.

“Engagement is two-fold — first it’s about relevance, then it’s about creative,” he says. “We launched our rich media platform recently; this is taking it to the next level with video, with sight, with sound…. Better yet, it’s coupled with our network’s targeting options.”

The independent network also covers 80% of the carrier business and also offers a CPC performance network alongside its premium network, he adds. Jumptap offers solutions both for branding and direct response campaigns.

While currently operating mobile video networks are excellent at their specialty, Johar says Jumptap is aiming for advertisers that want the whole mobile package. In effect, he believes completing the holistic package places the company firmly in a competitive position with Apple and Google — it’s a three-horse race, he says.


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