Greystripe and Adobe Team Up to Challenge iAds


mobiletv.jpgADOTAS – By prohibiting developers to use Flash in building apps for its mobile devices, Apple doesn’t seem to recognize that Flash isn’t just software, it’s a drug… Yeah, Steve Jobs, you think Flash is crappy tech but developers are addicted to it, they gotta get their fix. Why can’t you be an enabler like Google? The new version of Android is Flash-compatible, it gives us what we crave…

This HTML5 business? It’s just not the same high, man.

However, Flash junkies, Adobe has partnered with mobile ad network Greystripe to produce iFlash, which they’re advertising as comparable to iAds while not nearly as expensive. Developers will be able to build creative — expandable banner and full-screen — with their precious Flash and then Greystripe applies some workaround translation to Apple-friendly HTML5 before shooting it out to Apple mobile devices and Apple’s Safari online browser. Flash-enabled devices will receive the original creative through Greystripe’s network.

In theory, it’s a cross-platform solution that will appeal to plenty of advertisers who aren’t thrilled with iAds’ $1 million dollar floor, $10 CPM and single-platform. It’s possible that Flash has made an end-run around Apple’s picket fence, but will iFlash ads really be a true comparison point for iAds or just a cheap alternative? Greystripe and Adobe promise more announcements soon, so be satisfied with this news Flash addicts.



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