Case Study: Leads Ride-Away With eZanga


moto_smallADOTAS – Finding a competitive edge when it comes to online marketing is getting tough. As more and more small to medium size businesses begin following this influential shift to the web, the need for a more creative online advertising approach is necessary to make a lasting impression on the internet forefront.

Ride-Away, one of the nation’s largest providers of accessibility vehicles, vehicle modifications and adaptive equipment, was searching for that elusive “edge.” Ride-Away was having a hard time getting high organic placement on the major search engines, and in some cases, not being found on the internet at all. Because this accounted for over half of the company’s business per year, changes needed to be made.

With Ride-Away’s biggest competitors being online vehicle modification companies, the company realized that SEO on each of their 12 websites, local trade shows and print ads in industry publications and newsletters were not only time-consuming and laboring, but weren’t enough. Ride-Away decided that to keep up with their competitors they had to strengthen their presence online.

To solve the problem, Ride-Away decided to team up with, a search engine specializing in online advertising, to help increase online visibility to an audience who before was outside of their marketing reach. eZanga’s CEO Richard K. Kahn (me!), an industry professional with over 17 years experience, personally handled Ride-Away’s SEM campaign.

The SEM campaign was implemented and optimized across the major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Microsoft’s Bing. To drive calls into all of Ride-Away’s locations, eZanga geographically targeted the campaign to pin point specific areas of interest around each Ride-Away location. eZanga made sure the audience exposed to the advertisements would not only be interested but also conveniently local.

The campaign optimization process involved frequent evaluation calls to ensure Ride-Away was getting the right leads focused to exclusively market their new cars. The robust daily reporting provided Ride-Away with complete transparency on where each penny of their marketing budget was being spent. The campaign was continuously monitored and optimized daily to guarantee Ride-Away was receiving the most cost effective results.

One of the major benefits associated with the eZanga SEM campaign is the call tracking and recording feature. After Rich showed Ride-Away how to access this information, the manager’s of Ride-Away started monitoring the sales calls to perfect selling strategies and also used as training material for future employees at each location, which also helped improve business overall.

Rich aided Ride-Away to understand good SEO practices to maintain a lower cost per click (CPC) on the SEM side, and also offered advice on how to make their new website ‘search engine friendly’ and optimized for conversions.

The SEM campaign was able to significantly increase Ride-Away’s lead generation within a four month optimization period. Compared to the initial campaign performance, Ride-Away’s leads increased:

  • 30% by Month Two
  • 49% by Month Three
  • 56% by Month Four

Ride Away’s cost per lead drastically decreased going into month five, providing the company with a more cost effective marketing forum with granular reporting and results.


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