Uncorks the Private Label Software


networkADOTAS – BSA Private Label — is that a fine Scotch aged 18 years? A barrel of bourbon with a mix long hidden from the public and now being bottled in limited quality?

No — after numerous client requests, vertical ad network is licensing its software to empower other companies and entrepreneurs to build their own vertical networks.

Well, that’s pretty cool. Doesn’t quench my thirst though… You can’t put that on the rocks, can you?

In a blog post, CEO and founder Todd Garland mentions that he’s always felt like BSA was more software company and less ad network. Although there were numerous naysayers suggesting the software is easily reproducible and easy to create, Garland argues that nothing else like BSA’s Private Label exists.

The first company to take advantage of the software is Beacon Ads, a network focused on the Christian space that decided to boost its current offering with Private Label. In effect, the software is advantageous for companies currently running ad networks or looking to build one from scratch.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have quite the hankering for a cocktail.


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