AudienceScience Confirms: Targeting Is Swell!


target_small.jpgADOTAS – Well here’s something to get privacy advocates good and ruffled up: according to a new survey by AudienceScience in association with DM2Pro, targeting has become the “cornerstone” of many online display campaigns, used in not just direct response but also branding.

Responses from 500 media executives, marketers and publishers found that, gee Beav, targeting is pretty swell — so swell that this year advertisers are witnessing a 27.4% increase in display spend, agencies a 20% jump and publishers a 60% growth.

Agencies are more likely than advertisers to unload all targeting capacities; 60% of the agencies that said their display spending increased as a result of audience targeting cited its effectiveness as the main catalyst.

But the publishers, who is thinking about the publishers? Well, 71.7% of publishers offer audience targeting and the majority found it increased revenue, improved ROI for clients and actually helped acquire new customers.

There’s still room to grow in creative retargeting and dynamic targeting — too often creative doesn’t match the interests of the targeted consumers, the survey found. Around 66% of agencies said they used only two or three creative variations, while nearly 12% said their creative was targeted as well. Twenty-two percent didn’t variate their creative at all.

And the majority of every group saw industry self-regulation as the best method of protecting user privacy, though about 30% of each group actually suggested Federal Trade Commission regulation would be more effective (while less than 10% each were in favor of legislation). So you can lay off the steam just a bit, privacy advocates.


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