AdMeld and Peer39 Form Semantic Sisterhood


skipping_smallADOTAS – You go, girl: through a partnership with semantic technology firm Peer39, revenue optimizer AdMeld is set to increase the contextual relevancy of impressions for publishers and advertisers alike.

By using Peer39’s semantic data sets, AdMeld’s premium publishers will get better insight into the semantic makeup of their inventory, possibly discovering new revenue opportunities. In addition, AdMeld’s demand-side partners will able to use the semantic intelligence to better target audiences at scale.

Peer39’s integrated technology can process 1,000 URLs a second and target more than 30 billion ads per month. The companies are predicting performance improvement of up to 200% for advertisers taking advantage of the enhanced semantic targeting.

“The presence of accurate, high-caliber semantic data can dramatically affect the value of an impression,” said Ben Barokas, AdMeld’s cofounder and chief revenue officer. “This integration has revealed new revenue opportunities for our publishers and given our demand partners additional confidence to buy more inventory across the platform.”


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