Acquisio Locks It in With Google Analytics


search.jpgADOTAS – Google Analytics, how can I show you the wealth of feeling I have for your precious metrics, your amazing analysis of every click the comes my way? I feel like swooning just thinking about reading your record of pageviews, your graphs showing unique visitors over days, months, years….

PPC management software company Acquisio knows the best way to display its affection — and that of its clients — is full integration of Google Analytics within its SEARCH platform. No more detours and workarounds needed in pulling precious Analytics data into your search reports — the Google Anayltics Connector introduced today at SES Toronto incorporates every important metric from Analytics and maps them to the appropriate keywords in PPC campaigns.

Using the Google API to yank metrics from Analytics, SEARCH can now automatically calculate cost per transaction, visit and page view; pageviews and revenue per click; and return on ad spend. In addition, Acquisio offers further calculated columns for deeper analysis.

SEARCH users can add single or multiple Analytics profiles and the platform will automatically encode the URLs of any new keywords added to Google Analytics campaigns via SEARCH.

“Acquisio SEARCH customers can now access and work with Google Analytics data without ever needing to leave our platform,” said Acquisio CMO Marc Porier. “Having all of this deep information in one place gives marketers a huge competitive advantage, and also means a sizable time savings when it comes to campaign management and reporting.”


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