Wave of Acquisitions: Groupon, AudienceScience and More


skipping_smallADOTAS – Light up the barbie and call up the M&A consultants: nothing quite says summer’s here like the smell of the grill and the sound of industry consolidation.

Daily dealmaker Groupon has purchased app-builder Mob.ly, which powers the Goodrec recommendation service, for an undisclosed amount. Chicago-based Groupon also gets a Silicon Valley office with the acquisition. Mob.ly engineers will become the core of Groupon’s mobile team. And one last bit of news — the company also added former Netflix exec Mark Johnson as its new chief data officer.

Meanwhile, targeting tech company AudienceScience loves Cinco de Mayo so much that it decided to announce its acquisition of Hispanic ad network Consorte Media on the day celebrating Mexico’s unexpected victory over French forces at the city of Puebla in 1862. Recognizing the Hispanic market is rapidly growing, CEO Jeff Hirsch said in a statement that the merger will allow marketers to effectively target Hispanic consumers while adding significant audience data to its Audience Gateway.

Finally, e-Dialog, a marketing services division of GSI Commerce, has picked up database marketer MBS for a cool $22.5 million in cash. The acquisition will give e-Dialog clients access to MBS’s database engine to provide consumer behavioral patterns that can be used in real-time across multiple channels.


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