Survey Says: Eyeblaster, JiWire and Collective [Updated]


survey_smallADOTAS – If I had a dollar for every survey I get these days, well, I’d still need a full-time job but I might be able to afford some Chipotle… Mmmm… Here are some highlights from the best I’ve received lately:

— Dwell rate and conversion rate have long participated in a dirty, squalid affair, but now Eyeblaster is bringing their filthy relationship to light of the industry. Exposing data from 13,000 different ads and 13 billion rich media impressions, Eyeblaster was shocked — shocked! — to find that when dwell increased by 5% to 15%, the conversion rate jumped by 45% from 0.4% to 0.6%.

In general, a high dwell rate increases traffic by 69% and increases brand engagement, and of course prime ad placements boost increases dwell rate. Ads with video boost dwell rate by 29% and nearly doubles average dwell time.

— Focusing on app usage in its latest quarterly Mobile Audience Insights Report, JiWire discovered that mobile users are quite receptive to location-based advertising, with 84% of those surveyed likely to engage with an ad relevant to their location and 53% willing to share their location to receive relevant advertising.

Survey respondents were enamored with their apps, with 40% spending more than an hour daily on their 22 average apps. More than three quarters don’t mind advertising if the app is free and 52% pounced on an in-app ad. Another 18% actually made a purchase from one.

— Even though exchanges seem to be the kings of cool, advertisers aren’t buying in wholesale, though they’re still pumping dough into networks. For its fourth annual “Display Advertising Study” only 28% of advertisers told Collective that exchanges will inevitably replace ad networks; 65% of have no plans to increase exchange spending in 2010, while 35% are shelling more cash out to ad networks

In addition, advertiser dollars are shifting from TV to online video with 57% of respondents saying they were likely to move their spend in 2010; 67% of bigger advertisers were pushing their TV dollars in online video’s direction. Targeting appears to be the most popular video ad network feature, with 65% of respondents citing it as a leading reason for their selection.


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