Social Marketing Gets Awesome With Six Apart’s TypePad Conversations


crowd_small.jpgADOTAS – It may be hyperbole to say the word awesome is transcendent, but other slang terms — radical, tubular, gnarly, bodacious — have had their time in the pop culture spotlight only to fade while awesome remains… Well, awesome.

Whether it’s describing a color (yes, Crayola has a crayon called awesome), supervillians in comics (the Awesome Threesome, which featured Magneto, Torpedo-Man and Claw and was TOTALLY non-sexual), deities (it’s said that “Our God is an Awesome God,” dude) or my trivia team at the local watering hole (the triumphant Team Awesome), awesome is as awesome does and it’s here to stay.

So when I see blogging service and software company Six Apart’s announcement about its new conversational marketing tool TypePad Conversations, I’m immediately intrigued by the Awesome Bar.

Why? ‘Cause it’s awesome. Duh.

Collaborating with brands and publishers, Six Apart create questions intended to spark discussion across its blogs — including media organizations such as ABC, MSNBC and the BBC; affinity sites across a slew of topics; and long-tail, specialty bloggers. comScore reported that Six Apart reached 90 million consumers in April and 42% of all U.S. Internet users.

Bloggers answer the questions on their sites and then encourage their readers to weigh in. In addition to enabling posting on other social media sites, Six Apart aggregates the responses to and syndicates highlighted answers across its network via the Awesome Bar. The branded content module appears below a participating blogger’s original post.

Which is pretty awesome — kind of a win-win for all parties involved, CEO and Chaiman Chris Alden suggested.

“TypePad Conversations helps marketers and publishers participate in authentic and meaningful conversations at a scale and level of measurability that hasn’t existed before,” he said. “Now marketers can extend their brand messages around passionate conversations as they happen and publishers can grow their revenue while engaging their readership.”

Sprint is the first company to launch a Conversations campaign and the conversations are occurring over popular niche blogs like, and The question currently headlining the aggregation site is “Is technology making us better or worse at communicating with each other?” And I have a totally awesome answer, but I’m trying to stick to the subject at hand.

Bloggers are not paid for responding to the Conversations, but members of the Six Apart Ad Program will get a piece of the revenue from the adverting impressions surrounding the program.

Conversations is the latest addition to the array of TypePad marketing products, which include TypePad Communities and TypePad Content. I’ve heard these are awesome as well.


  1. Gavin man, you really got to rethink what defines an awesome threesome. Also, this Casey character, whoever he is, is totally right. Radical is a righteous word. I think Team Awesome needs to battle The Radstars in pub trivia, as this is the only objective way to handle this dispute.

  2. I really enjoyed this and took a peak at the product. What a intelligent marketing strategy. Hey, after a few more months of revenue, we can all say that was an awesome decision.

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