Sending Out an SMS


policeADOTAS – Mobile usage around the world is growing, and as it does, marketers are rightly looking at ways to figure out how to market to this explosive media.

Europe is seeing around 16 billion text messages sent per month and the average U.S. user sends 188 text messages per month. However you look at it, text messaging is no longer an emerging technology — it’s becoming an ingrained way of communicating, even as it continues to grow in use.

Mosio is a U.S.-based mobile marketing agency that is on the cutting edge of how the mobile space is adapting to the way people use their phones to communicate. They have created programs that use text messaging for customer service, B2C communication and integrate marketing into the overall mobile experience.

Customer Service

Mosio has a program called “Text a Librarian” that enables anyone on a campus to text a question to their local librarian. The service is beneficial to all involved- the students get to ask questions without needing to be physically in the library, the librarians can spread their knowledge and effectiveness and the system all works on the communication platform that most students are most comfortable with. Connecting the most classic form of knowledge, that of books, with the most modern, that of the cell phone.

B2C Communication

As they say, “two-way mobile communication with… customers, members, patrons and employees via text messaging and mobile web applications.” The idea is that interacting with customers will increase revenue and retain the customers you already have, which is a simple idea that is also innovative.

While most of the social media platforms in the marketing space talk about customer acquisition, the idea of having a dedicated and aggressive mobile strategy to keep your customers happy while they are using your product is indeed innovative. And it allows customers to access you whenever they need you from their phone, not just when they are at a computer.

Mobile Marketing

Creating a managed mobile marketing campaign that tailors text message capabilities to what cell phone users are doing will be the future of how advertising and marketing converge in the mobile space. Mosio is already doing this with a variety of industries and outreach solutions. They embrace the mantra of software as a service, which I think applies in the case of text message marketing more than in any other place.

In the end, text message marketing works because, as social media must, it speaks to the customer where they are. Cell phones have long become mainstream, and figuring out how to strategically use that medium for you and your business is essential.


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