Rubicon Project Acquires SiteScout, Saves You From Malvertising


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ADOTAS – The Rubicon Project, the digital advertising technology company, has announced that it has acquired SiteScout, a malware security technology provider, to build upon the technology that drives the brand protection and security layer of its REVV for publishers platform. Malware attacks on popular sites and apps have reduced traffic as much as 10% in a single month. This represents a net monthly risk of almost $600 MM. There is almost nothing, technology or otherwise, within legacy ad server that protects publishers, their visitors or their advertisers from malware attacks.

COO and Founder of the Rubicon Project, Craig Roah said, “We began to look for the right security partner to help address this growing issue for publishers in 2009, evaluating several solutions in this space to complement our industry-leading brand protection technology. In side-by-side tests, in a live production environment with real ad tags on premium websites, SIteScout was hands-down the most effective technology. In addition, the technology is easily integrated with our platform, and the SiteScout team is a perfect fit with our strong company culture. This acquisition will enable us to protect premium publishers with the most effective and highly scalable technology solution to address the very real, very dangerous and fast-growing problem of malvertising.


  1. It’s fantastic that Rubicon are doing this, but the networks themselves need to look at themselves long and hard in the mirror & ask themselves “why can’t we guarantee that our ad server isn’t spitting out malware in the first place?”

    These networks need to be held to account. In the past 6 months, the sites I work on have experienced 2 attacks originating from ad networks. The end user blames the site they visit – the site can’t always verify which network the attack came from – the ad networks just brush off any reports like this for fear of incriminating themselves – and the real culprits get off scot-free.


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