Quick Hits: Trada Supports Bing, Resonate Goes Political


punch_small.jpgADOTAS – Expert-sourcing PPC marketer Trada has gone Bing-crazy, introducing support for Microsoft’s search engine through Microsoft adCenter in addition to its current Yahoo! and Google offerings. In the seven weeks since the company’s launch, it has expanded its marketplace from 70 advertisers to 135 and increased its paid search experts from 280 to close to 500.

— As primary results for the 2010 elections are sending some incumbents packing, Resonate has tuned its Attitudinal Targeting to the political wavelength. Through clicks, reach and conversions to volunteers/activists, Resonates new targeting solution identifies and recruits potential volunteers, activists and donors online for political and advocacy campaigns.

Kenshoo has leaped the Great Wall and integrated Chinese search engine Baidu — which boasts 70% market share in the PRC — into its technology platform, enabling marketers to better manage their paid search campaigns in the highly populous country.


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