Quick Hits: Geek Consolidation and YuMe’s Support System


punch_small.jpgADOTAS – The geek world has been too fragmented — it’s about time for geek consolidation. Fortunately Geeknet — publisher of sites such as ThinkGeek, SourceForge and SlashDot — has started the process with the purchase of tech enthusiast site Geek.com for $1 million. In addition to expanding the publisher’s overall traffic and its global reach, Geeknet believes the acquisition will help it penetrate more mainstream consumer advertising categories.

— When I’m down in the doldrums and need some support, I turn to YuMe and its ACE video advertising platform, just like Open Source Media Framework and Sorrensen 360. Well, perhaps those companies don’t cry on YuMe’s shoulder while watching “Steel Magnolias,” but they have integrated ACE into their media players, allowing publishers to use the ad network monetize their videos. They can also take advantage of ACE’s Ad Management System, tools that help publishers maximize video inventory revenue, manage unlimited syndication partners and branch out to any viewing environment.

— Vitrue is not judging you, just your fan page. The social media management company has introduced a free service called the Social Page Evaluator, which provides marketers with a comprehensive analysis of their Facebook ROI via information about fans and wall posts as well as engagement data.

Boohoo! No one is paying attention to us small and midsize agencies! Oh, quit yer whinin’! Marketing tech firm Avenue Right just released version 3.0 of it’s cloud-based media-buying automation software specifically aimed at small and midsize agencies. This new version’s got customization features that enable users to add, interact with and report on any advertising medium within an overall media schedule. Happy now?

— AlmondNet’s Data Division has partnered with Bid Manager proprietor Invite Media to allow Invite’s users access to AlmondNet’s keyword and segment-based data. Now wasn’t that thoughtful?

— B2B marketing solution Bizo has enhanced its free analytics product, Analyze, by adding Site Indexing, which allows sites to index for their target audiences compared to others across the Bizo network.


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