Pakistan Puts The Smack Down On YouTube and Facebook



ADOTAS – Pakistan is pissed. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has announced that it has given instructions to online service providers to block Facebook and YouTube indefinitely. According to Reuters, the plug was pulled on Facebook for a competition being held on the site to draw the Prophet Mohammad.

Not only is the ban on these sites and they’re blasphemous content done out of sensitivity to Muslims, but it is also a precautionary measure against any violent retaliation from extremist groups. In response to the Danish newspaper running a caricature of the Prophet, about 50 people were reportedly killed during violent protests in Muslim countries.

Khurram Ali Mehran, a spokesman for PTA told Reuters, “Before shutting down (YouTube), we did try just to block particular URLs or links, and access to the 450 links on the Internet were stopped, but the blasphemous content kept appearing so we ordered a total shut down.”


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