Microsoft Gets A Couple Suits – Lawsuits That Is



ADOTAS – Microsoft is taking it to the mat. The company filed two lawsuits this week on two separate cases of click fraud or “click laundering.” One of the lawsuits alleges many unidentified defendants took part in these activities while the second suit names publisher RedOrbit Inc. and its president, Eric Ralls, as the defendants.

Microsoft tracked the two sites gaining suspicious and astronomical click growth through its adCenter network. Had the case gone unnoticed, the company suspects that advertisers could have been cheated out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Brad Smith, SVP and General Counsel for Microsoft stated, “Online ad fraud is evolving in sophistication all the time. Fighting it demands vigilance and dedication to an honest and secure online marketplace. We believe that a trusted marketplace is critical to Internet commerce, and Microsoft will continue to take aggressive action working with industry and law enforcement to protect our platforms, customers and advertisers.”


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