Forbes Gives Nod of Approval To “Entrepreneurial Journalism”


ADOTAS – Forbes is acquiring online news startup True/Slant. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed. True/Slant is a relatively new company that provides a forum for approximately 300 former mainstream journalist to express news and opinion.

According to comScore the site had 90,000 unique visitors in June 2009. Traffic has now increased to 335,00 per month. True/Slant is different from most traditional publishers because they allow advertisers to have their own separate pages in addition to regular display ads. And, more importantly, its contributing writers can earn bonuses depending on the amount of traffic they draw.

The concept of the entire site is to allow the journalist to be entrepreneurial. And Forbes, being well know for their pro-capitalist stance, seems to be validating this integration of news and business.

It isn’t that news and business have ever been entirely separate but True/Slant has combined the roles traditionally assigned to separate divisions of a news organization into one entrepreneurial blogger. Conflict of interest between the editorial room and advertising is beginning to appear as a quaint old-fashioned ideal of an era gone-by.

Forbes, founded in 1917, will now use True/ for a 2010 makeover.


  1. Is it just me, or does this business model suit the National Enquirer, not Forbes? Talk about taking a journalist’s eyes off pursuing the truth and towards finding whatever salacious content that will attract traffic. I can see it now: “Wall Street Girls Gone Wild.”


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