AOL Turns 25!


aol turns 25

ADOTAS – “You’ve Got Mail!” Is an iconic phrase and sound for anyone who is familiar with the Internet. The company formerly known as Quantum Computer Services introduced millions of people to the world wide web. Now AOL is celebrating 25 years in the business.

However, times aren’t what they used to be for the pioneer. The firm is looking to reinvent itself in the face of falling numbers in subscribers and ad revenue. At its height, AOL had 30 million members, but broadband quickly took over. Now with search engines and social networking sites gathering the majority of online usage, AOL is looking to transform itself into a large-scale content and advertising firm.

After years of taking time to invent the wheel in the first place, the company finds itself at a quarter-life crisis in a shifting landscape. They know it will take some time and strategic effort, but AOL is not going anywhere and plans to still be an Internet icon in another twenty-five years.


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