Trada Sources the Wisdom of Experts for Search


search.jpgADOTAS – Crowd-sourcing is great and all, Trada founder and CEO Niel Robertson, but small and medium-sized business navigating the chaos of search need professionals who know how to turn keywords into cash. Hence why Trada has publicly opened its marketplace of search experts, encouraging crowd-sourcing but expert-sourcing.

The market is targeted at advertisers with budgets of up to $50,000; the average spend is $5,000. A brand or agency simply establishes a campaign with basic details about the company and its products and services as well as parameters for the campaign such as daily budget and CPC ceiling.

An average of 25 experts — who are required to be AdWords or SEMPO certified and must earn Trada certification — work on each campaign, developing an average of 6,500 keywords and 110 creative combos. Since launching the bazaar in private beta in January 2009, Trada has witnessed a conversion rate of 3.6%.

Experts are paid on either a click or conversion basis — if the expert comes in below the target, he or she keeps the difference after giving Trada its cut. Currently ads run on major search engines and the company supports Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search; Microsoft AdCenter will be introduced later this year.

It’s a pretty good setup for both advertisers and marketers as it gives the experts quite a lot of freedom in who they work with as well as the chance to be creative. Marketers can work on numerous campaign on their own schedule.

“Our goal is to make it ridiculously easy to succeed with paid search,” Robertson said. Seems he’s making good on that promise.


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