The Amazing Click Forensics Predicts Your Traffic Quality


cursorADOTAS – Step right up, step right up, ladies and gentleman, ad networks and pubs — behold as the amazing Click Forensics predicts the quality of the traffic coming your way with its new Search Quality Score. Is there a conversion looming in your future? Fraudulent activity you should sidestep?

The Search Quality Score, the latest function on Click Forensics platform, leverages the firm’s traffic monitoring tools — from determining what IPs are valid or invalid to the propensity for conversion — to instantly grade search queries on quality, thereby assisting clients in montetizing traffic, boosting click-through rates and improving feed management

“We’re essentially scoring one step earlier in the process,” said Click Forensics CEO Paul Pellman.

By giving a quality grade on an impression by impression basis, Search Quality Scores can help networks and pubs serve more relevant ads that and possibly increase the chances of a conversion.

Pellman sat down with me and expounded on the new feature:


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