Symbian Users Are Still Clickin’


kiss_smallADOTAS – While all the media focus is on the sexier mobile operating systems and their alluring apps, Nokia’s Symbian OS still leads the world in mobile click-through rates, according to the latest data from mobile ad and optimization company Smaato, while Android is losing ground fast.

Based on information from 36 mobile ad networks and more than 4 billion ad requests served across Smaato’s 3,300-odd mobile publishers, Symbian rated 147 in March on the global CTR index (based on average CTR across mobile devices of 100), a slight dip from February’s 156. In addition, the spread between leader Symbian and last-placer BlackBerry decreased from 156-35 to 147-51 month over month.

The big slider is Android, though, which dropped from 110 in February to 58 in March, which continues a plummet from above 150 in January. At the beginning of the year, it looked like Android might rival the dominant Symbian.

Interestingly, Android is still pushing up in Southeast Asia — Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines — where it registered a CTR index rating of 138. Trailing was feature phones with an index of 116 and Symbian at 109.

Feature phone CTR is climbing upward globally, hitting a high of 123 in March. Month by month, feature phones has pushed its way up, from a CTR index of 84 in December 2009 to 91 in January and 107 in February. Globally, feature phones trail only Symbian.

Smaato has suggested before that Symbian’s high rating is due to the high prevalence of Nokia phones in emerging markets. This would also explain the jump in feature phone CTR, as people in emerging markets are less likely to have personal computers, which makes the mobile device a better tool for consumer engagement.

Of course, with all the iAd talk and pontification on the importance of mobile apps, we have to ponder: how much does mobile CTR matter? Or is the mobile domination of the brand experience via app further down the road — or possibly a fantasy?



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