Sprout Brings Flash and HTML5 Together in Harmony


mobiletv.jpgADOTAS – Philosopher-musician Paul McCartney once noted that ebony and ivory exist in perfect harmony, side-by-side on his piano keyboard.

“Oh lord,” he cried. “Why can’t we?”

Yeah, and why can’t Flash and HTML5 exist together for advertisers in perfect harmony as well? asks tech startup Sprout, which hosts a software as a service platform for creating rich media ads and social media apps. Especially since Flash don’t work on Apple mobile devices and the recently introduced iAd platform.

Oh yeah — Steve Jobs is trying to throttle Adobe, which is kind of a drag when rich media ad-makers really like using Flash to build Internet ads. Oh yeah, HTML5 isn’t quite up to parity either.

Well, maybe McCartney and duet buddy Stevie Wonder didn’t solve racial tensions with one pop song, but Sprout’s Engage Ad Platform has provided a solution for the Flash/HTML5 dilemma: it can now export both Flash and HTML5 ads.

It’s up to Sprout to solve this problem as Apple isn’t introducing a development platform for iAds. But instead of authoring a whole other HTML5 ad, Sprout will send out two versions, with each ending up on the optimal device (PC=flash, iPhone/iPad=HTML5).

The Sprouters explain in more detail in the video below. Unfortunately, there is no uplifting singing.


  1. the real need is for a tool that creates ads that don’t suck. …and most flash ads suck. (including several on this website)


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