Search Rekindles the Flame


search.jpgADOTAS – Baby, search is back and its hotter than its been for awhile. Efficient Frontier reports that search engine marketing jumped 20% year over year in the first quarter of 2010, while SearchIgnite gasps that paid search jumped 11%.

In particular, Efficient Frontier notes that retailers spent 32% more in the last quarter than first quarter 2010. SearchIgnite prints a not-too-shabby 26% hike for retailers.

While paid search dipped slightly from fourth quarter 2009 to first quarter 2010 — the typical post-holiday ramp-down — SearchIgnite notes that the 0.5% slip is minuscule compared to the 14% drop last year during the same time period.

Google is still king of paid search — with nearly three-quarters of spend and clicks according to Efficient Frontier — but the battle for the second slot has become more exciting since Microsoft introduced Bing. Efficient Frontier noted a 12% dip in spend and a 15% fall in clicks compared to the year before for Yahoo!, while Bing saw a 5.5% improvement in clicks and 6.5% in spend (though from a smaller base than big Y).

According to SearchIgnite, spend on Bing increased by 21.6% year over year (though slipped by 7.1% between quarters) as Yahoo! constricted by 8.4%. (but only 2.1% quarter over quarter).

But not everybody has got bad search news for Yahoo!: AdGooroo’s quarterly “Search Engine Advertiser Update” found that the site had a 12% increase first-page advertisers along with a 28% total share of search advertisers.

AdGooroo’s data suggested much of Yahoo’s! growth is actually coming from outside the U.S, with international ad coverage 4.7 ads per keyword; AdGooroo noted that’s the most ads the site has shown since July 2007.


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