Search Companies Hop in Bed With Facebook

Inplace #2

facebook_small.jpgADOTAS – I hate to be gossipy, but the way Facebook is inviting search marketing companies into bed lately is going to earn it a reputation. Integrating — is that what the kids are calling it these days?

Taking advantage (dirty!) of the Facebook Ads API, Clickable announced that as of April 12 its Pro service will manage pay-per-click Facebook ads, as well as track conversions and ROI, alongside major search engine campaigns. Search marketers will be able to create and upload pay-per-click ads in bulk.

Clickable’s Facebook integration also applies to Clickable Assist, which will allow existing Pro customers to launch their Facebook ads for future self management.

But look who else has been courting the ‘book: Marin Software’s flagship product, Marin Search Marketer, has “gotten jiggy” (oh yeah, I went there) with Facebook Ads and will offer users the ability to edit their bids and creative individually or in bulk. The software will support audience targeting through numerous demographics as well as reporting and management by audience segment. Marin will also enable automatic bidding on Facebook ads.

Facebook, you slut!

In other Facebook advertising news, ClickZ has discovered that advertisers are circumventing the site’s new ad evaluation regime that cracks down on loose use of user characteristics. I’m shocked… SHOCKED! Who could have ever foreseen that?