Quick Hits: Titanium for BlackBerry, Kantar Tracks Ad Networks


punch_small.jpgADOTAS – BlackBerrys? Are people still using those? They certainly are — the iPhone and Android may get all the press, but plenty of smatphone users cling to their Berrys. Appcelerator has just introduced Titanium beta for making native apps on the RIM OS. This could be benign timing as BlackBerry maker Research in Motion just gave analysts a preview of OS 6, which supposedly is a major overhaul and created quite a buzz from those who got a sneak peak.

— After two years in development, interCLICK has released the newest version of its audience targeting platform, Open Segment Manager 2.0. Leveraging more than 20 third-party sources as well as advertiser-owned data and internal network data, OSM 2.0 offers such functions as data planning, valuation, recommendation, and procurement.

— Filling in the gap of industry and advertiser-level trending and data analysis for ad networks, Kantar Media has unveiled ad network competitive tracking reporting. Developed in consultation with agencies, the service will show advertisers and agencies which brands are running on which networks while not revealing individual site placements. In addition, users will be able to tell which networks have the highest level of overlap.

— Click-through rates are so last decade, brands. Why should direct response marketers have all the fun with real-time optimization tech? Rocket Fuel has just released its Real-Time Brand Optimization solution, powered by DynamicLogic, which will allow for optimized ad targeting based on real-time brand perceptions and audience characteristics.

–Watch out, Spanish-speaking world — with the assistance of Hispanic marketing agency The Media Maquiladora, TRAFFIQ has launched a Latin American platform and is not afraid to use it.


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