Pontiflex Summit Shows CPL Is a Hit


cursorADOTAS – Arun Krishnan, vice president of marketing for Pontiflex, already had one reason to celebrate on Thursday — earlier that day he received his U.S. citizenship. However, the Pontiflex CPL Summit offered several reasons for further revelry, including the release of a white paper that documented the success of the cost-per-lead channel across several industries.

In addition to a keynote speech by JP Morgan Analyst Imran Kahn, who detailed his predictions for 2010, particularly for display and social media, Pontiflex hosted a panel with marketing representatives from BabyCenter, The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), Tommy Hilfiger and Ferrara & Co., which represents Heinz. These four companies shared their impressive experiences using CPL in Pontiflex’s white paper.

In particular, a campaign with ASPCA produced email open rates for Pontiflex-generated leads were more than twice that of organically garnered signups and a third higher than other lead-generation channels. The click-through rate was close to 6%, also more than twice that of organic leads.

IMG_0019Some of the key benefits of CPL, the panelists noted, included transparency in the source of the leads, the opportunity to immediately follow up with acquired leads and transforming impressions into actual people.

It was an impressive year of growth for Pontiflex, which Krishnan partially credited to the explosion of social media, that validated CPL as a complementary channel to search and a way to build ROI while focusing on brand campaigns. I caught up with Krishnan and chatted about Pontiflex’s success as well as the advantages of CPL as a channel.

And here is an excerpt on the display channel from Khan’s keynote speech.


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