MediaTrust Soaks Up Bardon


skipping_smallADOTAS – Performance marketer MediaTrust has acquired Bardon Advisors, a CPC search and affiliate platform and named Bardon founder and CEO Keith Cohn president of the combined entity.

This merger will spread high-quality traffic generation across MediaTrust’s platform and extend its reach by more than 20 million monthly unique visitors and around 5 million paid searches per month. More than 1,200 owned-and-operated web properties are included in the deal.

Cohn boasts 20 years of industry leadership experience. As president and CEO, he transformed Vendare Media from a startup to a diversified marketing firm focused on lead generation and other types of performance-based marketing with annual revenue of $120 million. Vendare eventually merged Net Blue, which renamed itself Conexxus and joined forces with Epic Advertising earlier this year.


  1. I hope MediaTrust didn’t pay too much for a company that sets up fake search pages and incentivizes users on GPT (Get Paid To…) sites to click on the Yahoo ads. It’s a good business for Bardon and Yahoo while defrauding advertisers.

  2. Good acquisition by MT. Bardon is a good company with a very talented staff. I don’t know much about their business other than we run a crapload of their deals and they always pay. Congratulations to all.

  3. just like epic snapped up connexus, this is a similar move for mediatrust. a network needs a real revenue stream to succeed in this era of affiliate marketing. connexus was tmp, bardon is their cpc division. both are profitable, unique approaches to the space and were rewarded accordingly.

  4. Bardon advisors are a joke a complete spoof. They are the main reason yahoo partners suffer from their bs traffic tactics.

    MediaTrust just got dupped. I wonder how they pulled the wool over the eyes of this company?

  5. thank you for covering the acquisition. we are looking forward to integrating a deep cpc capabilities layer onto the platform. we now have many new ways to engage with our affiliate partners and advertisers with cpc campaigns. we are going to be announcing several new cpc products for lead generation sites, co reg paths , publisher search feed implementations and a unique way of combining our conversion solution with cpc capabilities.

    more to come!

  6. We don’t run our offers on Yahoo Search Partners because we know Bardon continually registers new domains, skins them as a search engines and incentives traffic to sponsored ads. The 1,200 “properties” mentioned in the article are identical sites with different skins to spread out the ad spend. American Express, University of Phoenix, Direct TV and many other businesses are unknowingly spending significant advertising dollars on Bardon sites with no return on their investment.

    Do these look like real sites and why do they have hundreds (or thousands) exactly like this?


  7. for the record. we did extensive research and due diligence before this deal. unlike many other companies who just look at driving any type of click transactions… Bardon has a proprietary optimization system that focuses on quality … they drive some of the highest TQ scores out there and have many facets to their business. there are a lot of new products and services to come that generate roi for our advertiser and publisher partners. thats all we focus on at MediaTrust…


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