mDialog and Millennial Are iPad-Ready


ipadmoney_smallADOTAS – The iPad release is pretty much my first major product launch — the introduction of the Nexus One was like a wedding quartet compared to this stadium rock bonanza. Not surprising, I’ve been a bit blown back by the massive amount of support solutions that have found their way into my inbox.

Certainly the most missed at the party is Flash, but video advertisers have found another animal to circle around in HTML5. mDialog has launched an HTML5 adaptive streaming video service with dynamic ad insertion it claims were previously only available with Flash-based solutions. Users of the video as a service solution can insert geotargeted ads seamlessly, avoiding interrupting streaming video content using the mDialog iPad/iPhone video players and all other HTML5-enabled browsers.

And you wouldn’t expect Millennial Media, mobile advertising’s “silent giant,” to miss out on all the iPod fun, would you? The independent mobile advertising platform has released an SDK along with the PadMedia Creative Suite, which features new ad formats designed specifically for the iPad. These include the floating canvas, which allows an advertiser to choose the space where a rich media ad will expand when clicked; return-to-play, which allows a consumers to pause the application while responding to an ad; motion creative, which rotates the ad with iPad movement (like the pour-the-beer-in-glass app); and everyone’s fave, the full-page interstitial.


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