JumpTap Deposits Consumers at Forefront of Mobile Ecosystem


mobiletv.jpgADOTAS – “This is my second home,” JumpTap CMO Paran Johar says of the Gramercy Park Hotel as we lounge in its outdoor pavilion bar. Our waitress has informed us the view is far more spectacular at night, but on a clear spring New York afternoon on which the sun has made a most-welcome cameo, the panorama of buildings stretching to the East River is an impressive display of the city’s massive scope.

Even though he is the quintessential road warrior — constantly hopping from his actual abode in Los Angeles to New York City to JumpTap’s headquarters in Cambridge, Mass. –- and has been in and out of meetings all day, Johar’s eyes are fiery, his body exudes energy and his voice is full of vigor.

No doubt this resilience stems from JumpTap’s introduction of “consumer intelligence,” which essentially deposits the consumer at the forefront of the mobile ecosystem, and the implications he believes the announcement will have for the mobile ad industry.

“A lot of companies have focused on the advertisers – which are certainly important – the publishers or the operators,” Johar says. “But we are saying the consumer is the most important person in this ecosystem, in the value chain.”

Through 25 easy to set parameters stretching across a valley of verticals, consumer intelligence allows consumers opt in to more relevant advertising through the management of their mobile advertising profiles. The feature is slated for release circa mid-year, but JumpTap is beginning to inform consumers of the ramifications.

We “empower consumers to tell us their interests,” Johar explains. For example, someone looking for a new car may flip the switch for automobile-related advertising and receive targeted information about vehicles or offers for leases.

Beyond placement, Johar acknowledges the importance of a rich media message to engage the user, hence why platform is open for integrating rich media services such as Crisp Wireless, which announced a partnership with JumpTap this week.

In addition, the open platform will offer the ability to aggregate data – including behavioral targeting, contextual targeting, keywords and carrier information — from a plethora of sources.

Johar believes this will herald a move from compartmented and competing mobile advertising platforms to a single platform with the consumer at the wheel, subsequently shifting consumer views of what constitutes advertising. In fact, he sees the possibility for this paradigm to “permeate upward” into the Internet and other media mediums.

“The goal is to make the line between advertising and content more blurred, so that the advertising becomes more valuable like content,” he says.

Below, Johar goes into more detail about consumer intelligence and the idea behind it, as well as opining on Apple’s recently unveiled iAd.


  1. Is this article for real? There have been at least 10 companies in the past 10 years who all introduced this type of feature only for it to fail miserably… the bottom line is consumers dont like advertising and will never take the time to “self select” which type of advertising then want…….

    funny if you look at scott heiferman’s bio, who after he sold i-traffic started up a company to do what jumptap is trying, you see it’s not even in his official bio..


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