Are Marketers as Excited About the iPad as Consumers?


ipadloveADOTAS – When following panels chock full of mobile media pros and posting to the site, I’ve managed to hobnob a bit with attendees of the Think Mobile conference hosted by

The recently released iPad was called the gorilla in the room — I was slightly envious of the guy sitting next to me, legs crossed and typing away on the slick looking device. But a few media pros I talked to admitted they were surprised at the kind of lackadaisical response to the iPad in the digital marketing world.

I agreed, especially since consumers are drooling as they dream about having one. Surveying 850 users across 30,000 wifi hotspots over the weekend, JiWire reported that 23% of mobile wifi users plan to purchase an iPad in the next 12 months. Even more interesting, 43% of respondents don’t use an Apple mobile device — 27% were BlackBerry users. Ahem, crossover anyone?

Just over the weekend, JiWire noticed 5,000 sessions from iPad users on public wifi. Combine that with 300,000 devices sold the first day, as well as 250,000 iBooks and a million apps downloaded, it would seem marketers should be more excited or fall behind.

Tweeters are also pretty psyched: according to data from 50,000 tweets analyzed by Attensity, 87% wanted to purchase one. Sixty-seven percent said they liked the iPad, 6% said they were “in luv,” while the haters only made up 2%. However, 24% said they weren’t thrilled….


  1. Marketer excitement in regards to something that will currently reach about 0.5% of the adult US population (and if things go wildly well for Apple by the end of 2010 perhaps 4% of that same group) is really a bit much to grasp.

  2. Great point. I don’t disagree that the consumer masses are jumping all over the iPad. Anyone who’s seen one can certainly understand the allure. Sexy. It’s sleek and gorgeous and powerful and useful. This consumer response and these kinds of numbers are awfully familiar. Marketers might not be as excited as these masses, but the savvy marketer should be figuring out their iPad strategy, or thinking about their longer term app strategy as we will see more of these iPad like devices, plus apps in cars, kiosks, etc…The iPad will cause us all to think outside the app/mobile phone relationship and make us think about the app/device/experience relationships. App usability with prime and expansive real estate. More room, more power, more tools. Very exciting stuff. Thanks Gavin.

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