‘Analytic Anthropologists’ at Coremetrics Rehaul Platform


abacusADOTAS – To prepare for completely rehauling their analytics platform, the “analytics anthropologists” of Coremetrics, as Chief Strategy Officer John Squire dubs his team, went into the field to study the tribe of analytics driven marketers in their natural digital element. The findings were disturbing, certainly uncivilized.

“The way marketers use analytics is like four-handed piano-playing,” he says, as they’re viewing myriad reports: pathing, merchandising, KPIs and so on. “There’s five different things running at once and they’re trying to determine what’s the right set of data to make a decision about — and then share it with the rest of the organization to determine ‘Are we doing the right thing?'”

Promising to greatly aid in data analysis and decision-making while empowering collaboration, the latest version of the Continuous Optimization Platform, Coremetrics Analytics 2010, is being introduced today, April 28, at the Coremetrics client summit in Austin. The upgrade, which is a bottom-up reworking of Coremetrics analytics platform, will be available to all Coremetrics customers in June additional IT assistance or contract renegotiations.

The rehauled platform provides real-time performance metrics as well as a dashboard that allows marketers to annotate trends, thread comments from various users and leave “sticky notes” to key insights with colleagues. Via new visualization tools that zero in on conversion trends, hot streaks and outliers, the browser-based software can provide automated insight and recommended actions.

Also being unveiled today is Coremetrics Mobile, a free native iPhone app, also available for the iPad and operates seamlessly on the BlackBerry and Android operating systems.

The biggest element within the mobile piece is reports on interaction between devices, geographies and consumers. In particular, Squire says, marketers are apprehensive about the iPad — should they build an app specifically for it, just use the iPhone app or is a website a good enough portal? The updated platform tracks and compares activity through an app with that of a website accessed via an iPad.

In addition, taking advantage of anonymous data supplied by 500 U.S. retailers, Coremetrics’ Benchmark product will allow marketers to report on sales from smartphones as well as mobile devices like the iPod Tough and iPad and all major gaming devices, including the Nintendo Wii, the Sony PlayStation and the Xbox 360.

But that’s not all folks: Coremetrics has also launched a fleet of APIs “for the super technical folks in our client base” that offer access to all of the company’s data. Squire notes that this opens up a whole new world for clients storing data in enterprise warehouses, using the data to fuel other applications or sharing the data with third parties working in tandem.

Oh, did we mention the social media metrics that allow clients to measure activity within Facebook apps and walls as well as track audiences that venture over to marketer websites? Yes, there tools for garnering ROI from Twitter and YouTube are also included.

Analyzing all these overlapped data points will give marketer a better sense of the attribution funnel, squire says. Marketers will be able to assemble “lab books” of reports based on multifarious variables such as audience segment and time period.

“I can either keep it as a living document continually updated in real-time or I can package it up us ‘This is quarter one 2010. This is quarter two. This is our spring campaign. And here is all the documentation I have.'”

Cue the collaborative features: various interested parties can comment and answer questions on reports, empowering a contribution-friendly and smoother workflow.

I met up with Squire at ad:tech and we discussed the proper treatment for “data paralysis” as well as the rising importance of media mix modeling. (Video coming soon — damn you, YouTube!)


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