WWN Has a Stopwatch on Ad Visibility


stopwatch.jpgADOTAS – Considering how much time people spend online, why our brand dollars still heading to the boob tube? Because there aren’t effective tools to measure an online viewing experience like the ones for television programming, says Pierre de Grandmaison, founder of World Web Network (WWN), which recently opened an office in New York City. Until now, that is.

Created by French firm Alenty, WWN’s Brand Exposure Duration (BED) allows companies to gauge online ad effectiveness through visibility duration. This tool monitors the length of visibility of a banner, as well as the percentage on a page when a user is active. When the script detects mouse or keyboard activity, the stopwatch turns on; however, if a user is idle for 10 seconds or clicks over to another window or tab, BED hits the pause button.

WWN believes the technology should help publishers as well, giving them statistics to back up pricing on ad spaces. Check out the demo.


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