Why Big Brands Will Love the iPad


ipadloveADOTAS – Marketers have been flirting with the iPhone and mobile advertising for the majority of 2008 and 2009. Now, 70% to 85% of media buys have a mobile component –- from interactive and video to full-screen interstitials. Advertisers cannot afford to wait for the iPad to hit store shelves; they need to formulate their plan of attack now.

Beyond the magical properties of the iPad, advertisers should be aware of three major factors that will drive the adoption of the device:

  1. Expanded user base
  2. Hyper engagement
  3. Device consolidation

Expanded User Base. The iPhone’s UI is extremely intuitive. Its groundbreaking functionality changed what we expect from a phone, making it just as easy to give to your toddler as it is to give to your grandparents.

With the iPhone OS integrated into the iPad, we can expect the same revolution in computing that will drive device growth lacking in two categories –- children and technophobes. With a fair number of education-related applications available, spanning from learning basics to post-grad level studies, the iPad will become the default tool for teaching institutes and serve as a great “first computer” for kids. Most parents will opt to buy one device rather than getting both a beginner laptop/netbook and an iPod touch for their kids.

For our technophobe aunts, uncles and parents the iPad provides the same intuitive OS that drove first time iPhone users to start sending emails, sharing photos and engaging in the digital age. With these two groups on board, the iPad will be Apple’s next hit.

Hyper Engagement. With close to 80% of our daily computing needs available on the iPad, it’s imperative that advertisers leverage the multiple touch points available to them through the apps on the device. Video and other interactive advertising on iPhone apps have paved the way for the iPad, allowing it to become a dominate vehicle for distribute highly-engaging brand experiences.

The vast amount of consumer demographic information that can be mined and used has been proven in the iPhone space. The iPad will provide advertisers the opportunity to tailor all creative specifically for each user. Beyond video, many of the assets that are used online, will cross over to the iPad with added functionality that will engage the user like never before.

Device Consolidation. We saw the trend of users ditching their iPods for iPhones or forgoing a digital camera all together because of the usability a camera phone provides. It will be no different for the laptop/computing market.

The iPad and devices like it will become the computing device of choice for many users. With a starting price point of $499. consumers will have a device that eliminates many additional purchases. This consolidation will reduce the number of devices that advertisers can use to target these users on, making the iPad ever more vital.

The iPad and other similar types of devices will drive consumers to rethink their computing behaviors. This presents advertisers with a unique opportunity to reach and engage new users like never before, but only if they understand how to leverage the iPad.

Don’t wait, start coming up with a plan now.


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