Video Performance Network Makes Videos Accessible To All


ADOTAS – Online advertising has been a continuously evolving frontier since its advent. True innovators provide solutions and become leaders in the industry. A firm that is emerging as such an innovator is Video Performance Network. Video Performance Network is the web’s first Video Revshare Network, bringing a whole new world to Affiliate Marketers. With seasoned industry veterans behind this operation, Video Performance Network has the makings of a game-changer.

John Ferber, one of the co-founders of and pioneers of ad server technology, is the owner of Video Performance Network. Under his leadership, Video Performance Network has become the go to video network for many publishers who want to get paid for running video ads on their sites.

The platform is very user-friendly and creates a win-win solution for advertisers and affiliates. Advertisers only need to provide the raw video footage (or have VPN create the videos in their production studio) and VPN creates a clickable, trackable video that is made available to video publishers. Publishers are able to choose and use videos that best fit their site while tracking impressions, clicks, actions and revenue. With a proven click thru rate sometimes 400%-700% higher than traditional banner ads, publishers and advertisers both recognize that video advertising is where they want to be.

The company provides more video ads for publishers than anyone else and is the only affiliate network currently on the market that has clickable videos that ANY publisher can use. The firm prides themselves on having something for everyone and is able to work with publishers that may have been turned down by other video providers due to user generated content on their site or not meeting minimum monthly traffic amounts.

One of the barriers to entry for video publishers has been player integration. VPN has solved this issue. Using VPN, any publisher can run their videos on their sites without the need for a player of any kind and still get paid. Additionally, by using VPN’s ad server component, a publisher can implement a simple code on their site, and have different videos displayed in the same placement each time a new visitor arrives. VPN’s system will automatically optimize that placement, and display more of the videos that generate the most revenue for the publisher. By providing a generous revshare on video ads, and by doing away with the need for player integration, Video Performance Network has removed all barriers for any publisher wishing to run video ads on their sites.



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