Unicast and Microsoft Get In Bed Together



ADOTAS – Unicast, an online interactive rich media and video advertising management and services solutions, announced today a partnership with Microsoft Advertising to offer a rich media solution for online advertising through Atlas. Part of the deal is that Unicast will chare its rich media product inventory with the Atlas Advertiser Suite to offer advertisers and agencies advanced creative features integrated with advanced campaign reporting and analytics.

“Publishers, agencies and advertisers alike will reap the benefits of the integration of our technologies, products and services to empower their rich media campaigns,” said James Dillon, SVP of Global Sales & Solutions at Unicast. “Although we’ve been working closely with Atlas for nearly two years, this newly formed partnership is an opportunity for us to combine the best of both of our worlds to provide an enhanced service offering that will give customers a new, comprehensive rich media solution for their online advertising needs.”


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