Rhythm NewMedia Serves a Vid While Your App Loads


mobiletv.jpgADOTAS – I can feel the seconds of my life ticking away as my favorite app loads. I can’t help thinking, I could be watching an advertisement right now… A video ad!

Fortunately mobile video ad network Rhythm NewMedia has me covered through its new monetization and advertising SDK for iPhone applications, which includes the Application Launch ad unit. Now instead of tapping their feet in annoyance as their iPhone app kicks into gear, users can be engaged with a brand message through a full-screen video.

Well, not actually the full screen — above the vid sits the brand name of the app while below is the loading bar.

“We want to give the user the sense we’re not extending the app load time to show a commercial,” said Ujjal Kohli, CEO of Rhythm NewMedia. “Otherwise it irritates people.”

In addition, the SDK offers full-page interstitial ads as well as banner ads with click-to-video, click-to-website, click-to-iTunes and more click-to features. Integration with DoubleClick’s DART and Microsoft’s Altas allows for real-time reporting.

Rhythm NewMedia is the only mobile ad network that allows users to browse videos while watching via a semi-transparent screen, a feature Kohli compares to digital television. Also it offers interactive videos that take advantage of touchscreen features. Finally, none of the content on the network is long-tail — all of it is recognizable, premium content from film and TV.

Developers have been highly attracted to Rhythm New Media’s SDK not only because of the network’s high-quality scans, Kohli said, but also because the Application Launch unit is interactive but not intrusive. Partners CBS Mobile and the Discovery Channel have integrated the SDK into their iPhones apps that are available in the App Store.


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