Offerpal Revs Its Mobile Engine With Tapjoy Acquisition


handshake_small.jpgADOTAS – Right as the weather gets warmer, mobile merger mania keeps getting hotter. Now offer marketers are jumping in the game: Offerpal (which will not shake the “Oh, that Offerpal” rep for a while) has scooped up Tapjoy, a mobile application developer and monetization platform.

Highly popular on the iPhone and the only virtual goods and currency service available on Android, Tapjoy’s turnkey software library lets mobile developers embed virtual goods storefronts that can process microtransactions. The library also includes a built-in pay-per-install user acquisition program, an ad optimization layer and application analytics. More than 1,000 mobile developers have integrated at least part of the library, which reaches an estimated 35 million mobile consumers.

“We… expect the microtransaction model to move beyond games, and for there to be practically unlimited applications for microtransactions on mobile platforms as well as the web,” said George Garrick, chairman and CEO of Offerpal. “The addition of Tapjoy provides us with a proven product that dovetails nicely with our own platform strategy and creates tremendous economic advantages for mobile developers.”

Since breaking into the mobile arena in January 2009, Offerpal currently has mobile-friendly versions of its network offers running on popular iPhone applications such as Tap Tap Revenge, Papaya and Mobsters: Big Apple.


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