Liquidus Offers Traditional Branding With Video Inventory


video_smallADOTAS – Minimalism has no place in interactive advertising — the more features the merrier. However, one should never stray too far from the classics. Hence why Liquidus has upgraded its inventory-displaying rich media banners to feature custom branded messages, tossing a little tradition in with innovation.

Integrated into the BannerLink offering, customers can create a “brand-focused” sticker-esque ad on top of the
searchable product inventory or an animation that shares space. When a user rolls over the ad, the branded message disappears and the banner expands to display the listed inventory in a video slideshow. Clicking on pieces of inventory gives more details and images within the banner, which also offers sorting controls.

Along with this enhancement, Liquidus has introduced more BannerLink features such as interactive Google mapping technology, multi-seller BannerLinks, advanced product sort options and new ad template styles.

“In order to meet the demand of our advertiser clients, we needed to provide them means to deliver their brand message as well the breadth of their product offering,” said Chris Carlton, executive creative director and co-founder of Liquidus.

Liquidus reports that BannerLink interaction rates have averaged close to 20% since the product’s launch, significantly higher than the average interaction rate of 2.11% for other rich media ads.


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